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Entertainer.  Jazz Artist.  Pianist.  Creator.

Jamie dazzles you with all the hits from Ella to Elvis, Sinatra to Amy, and Elton to Eurythmics. But whether it's Patsy or Prince, she's going to sound jazzy, She can't help It. With a repertoire of over 1500 tunes, Jamie has something for everyone - pop, party, polka, jazz, blues, classic rock, motown, country, Latin, piano bar, swing, sarcasm, and even Linus & Lucy for the adult children in the room.  You won't be bored, especially if she starts animating her designer chickens.  She writes original music too, it's great!. ..Like if Diana Krall and Norah Jones had a baby in a meat-eating cabaret commune and made Leonard Cohen the godfather.  You'll love it!


Music has launched Jamie to over 100 countries, but you can't totally take the girl out of cheeseland where she won the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award (WAMI) for Keyboardist of the Year, with many more keyboard nominations as well as Jazz Artist & Female Vocalist.  Her album, My Desire of You gained international recognition as a finalist in the Independent Music Awards for Jazz with Vocals, and her track "All the Love That Can Be" was the feature theme for Japan's NHK radio documentary From the A-Bomb Dome.  Throughout her journey,  Jamie has entertained many dignitaries worldwide from US President Jimmy Carter to British Prime Minister John Major, and shared the stage with jazz greats such as multi Grammy-Winner Arturo Sandoval.  You may listen to Jamie's latest album Hallelujah on 91.1 The Avenue Radio and Saturday mornings on 107.5 WAPL's Home Brewed, as well as UK & European radio.  But best of all, she's now here to perform for you!  Corporate events, conferences, weddings, parties, shindigs, hootenannies.... all of it!


With a masters in Broadcast Journalism, too many law courses, and a Bachelors in nothing related to music, this seemed like a logical career path. Jamie is also a proud human to designer feather people. Podcasts on Scooter's Instagram page!  

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Socials:  @JamieLynnJazz   @ScooterTheWonderChicken   @ZeusTheFierce
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