Need a Jamie Music Fix, but don't want to leave home? Solved!

For only $15 a pop, you too can have your favorite jazzy-designer-feather-person-keeper digitally entertaining you right from the comfort of your living room.  Aforementioned star of the CD will even sign it for free, possibly writing long personal dissertations and cartooning chickens in every empty drawable space.  


Shipping/Handling/Sanitizing/Driving/Feather-People-Approval charges are $6 for domestic, or $16 for international orders up to 4 CDs.  Email for bulk rates! Besides, this is so 'not amazon'. That alone is worth the price of shipping.  Birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day, Anniversary, I-love-you gifts, I'm-not-sure-if-I-love-you-but-here's-a-cd-anyhow gifts, You're-still-alive-I'm-still-alive-gifts. Options are endless!  

2015 CD, still out there in the digital universe !